Melbourne Day Workshops 2019

Need to learn some self-care + nourish your mind and body? 

Then I invite you to join us for some amazing healing and self-indulgent workshops.

For the love of learning


You're sitting in a workshop full of people who seem to be just like you, and you start to feel a sense of peace and belonging

as you wonder why you didn't try this sooner?

You relax into the knowing that you are being taught from a place of love and years of knowledge and experience. 

You take a deep breath knowing that you're about to open

your mind to new ways of being, and self-care is going to be your new priority.

As your thoughts turn to possibilities for the future, you feel a spark of excitement knowing that THIS workshop is all

about you! 

It's fun, come play

..step outside your everyday plans, and give yourself the gift that keeps giving. Immerse yourself in self-carepersonal transformation or learn new ways to support your everyday life. 

So whether you just need refresher, know it’s time for some self love, or maybe you've just been craving to learn something new... then THIS IS THE SIGN you’ve been waiting for! 

I will give you easy step by step instructions and priceless tips for all our different workshops.

I guarantee by the end of these workshops, you will have found new ways of self-care or self-love.

This is your invitation to learn something new!

‘Fun workshops in Melbourne, designed to help you learn some self care + glow from within.’

Maybe you've been feeling?

Heart & Hands

You've been neglecting yourself and putting others before you? Other things have always been more urgent or prioritised? Unsure how?

You want to take better care of your outsides

Heart & Hands
Heart & Hands

You'll never fix your anxiety? You shouldn't trust all the food sold has nutritional value? Your bloating and low energy levels are trying to tell you something? Or is it your skin?

You want to take more care of your insides

Heart & Hands
Heart & Hands

You need to feel more fulfilled. You're wasted in your job, you have so much more to offer this world. You're becoming more conscious and mindful, or you'd like to be.

You want to nurture you heart and soul

Heart & Hands

"My Heart Says Yes, Give Me More Details!"

Why You need to Join us!

Our Day Workshops are the perfect way to dip your toes into a more holistic lifestyle. They’re designed to recharge either your Body, Mind or Spirit AND help uplift you in the company of like-minded women.

These Day Workshops will give you EXACTLY what you need to kick-start your new journey in each different category.  Through gentle instruction, visuals and hands-on experiences, you’ll leave with a good base knowledge that will serve you in your everyday life.

PLUS... You will get to meet some awesome like-minded new friends who are interested in the same things as you!

"I'm So Ready For This Book Me In Right Now!"


"I Really Want to take better care of myself!

Book Me in Now!"

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Facial Workshops

Discover more about how your skin functions and what easy steps you can implement at home to have bright vibrant skin. Learn the secret techniques that beauty therapists use in their every day routines.

Gut Health Workshop

Learn about gut health, whole-food powders and colonics.

Essential Oil Workshop

For centuries humans have been using the ancient medicine of essential oils to balance hormones and emotions. Learn to use them at home.

Trish head shot.JPG

Anti-ageing Make-up Workshop

 Learn the secret anti-ageing techniques that professional make-up artists use.


Sound Bath Workshop

The ancient techniques of Sound Healing guides you into an effortless state of deep relaxation, the process is as scientific as it is mysterious.

Woman Sleeping

Sleep School Workshop

Use nature to help you wake up and fall asleep with more ease. Integrate new morning and bedtime techniques to support this. 


I want this. Book me in!
Meditation Class

Learn to Meditate Workshop

Want to learn how to be more mindful? Come along and learn how to practice mindful meditation at home.

Boat on Lake

Become Anxiety-free Workshop

We adopt 7 empowering 
techniques that start reducing your anxiety today!

Girl in a Forest

Finding your Souls Purpose Workshop

Get clear on things that are most important in your life and how you can start living your dream life today.

I need this, book me in!


Post 'Day Workshop' bonuses: 

  • An additional 60 minute in depth holistic skin consultation                                                                                                 OR                                                                                           

  • a 60 minute 1on1 holistic coaching session, to help keep you on track with your new self-care journey. *1p/p Valued between $80-$110

  • Plus Membership in our Private FB support group

"I'm Ready To SHINE! Let Me In!"

Introducing... Carly

Hi, I'm Carly Petkovic and I love to help women like you restore and rejuvenate yourself to live your best life!​

I am a Paramedical Aesthetician, Reiki Practitioner + Meditation teacher. I have been working in the Wellness + Beauty Industries for the past 16 years.

I have worked in many renowned healing day spa's throughout Victoria and alongside some of the best surgeons, skin + health experts, and spiritual healers here in Melbourne, as well as Sydney, Perth, Bali and LA.

My clinic is located in the prestigious Rialto Towers on Collins St, in Melbourne's CBD.


I have helped over 20,000 clients one on one, and I would be honoured to help you get back to your full potential too.

Love and gratitude always,

Carly x

Esma Voloder

Miss World Australia

Hugh Evans

C.E.O. FromHereOn

Carly's energy invigorates any person within her presence. It's infectious. Just speaking with her incurs an internal transformation, as self-reflection is induced along with an inspiration towards greater self-care, health and wellbeing.

"Wellness meets science meets mindfulness. Carly pampers

your skin, your mind and your soul for a complete

holistic wellness experience"

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